Price / Status Change Alerts Highlights

  • Leads can sign up for email alerts when the status or price of a given listing
  • This is helpful to keep the lead afloat for changes to listings they are interested in
  • These alerts can be useful for automatically keeping leads engaged about your listings

Closing on a home isn’t a one-day process. It can be a marathon. Most leads aren’t going to be so motivated that they find one home they love, reach out to one of your agents for a showing right then and there, and close on it soon thereafter. More often, conversion is a slower process — a lead will find a few homes he or she is interested in, maybe ask your agents a couple questions about them and will wait and see if something changes before actively pursuing anything. It’s for these kinds of leads, and the agents who need to engage with them, that we created our price / status change alerts feature.

price / status change alerts

These price / status change alerts provide effective communication by sending emails to notify leads when status or price on a certain property changes. They will opt in for these emails using a simple capture form (pictured above). So if a listing goes under contract or experiences a price reduction, the leads with a vested interest in that kind of information will be the first to know.

This feature is just one in a series of automatic email alerts we can send out to leads. For instance, with our saved search alerts, listings that match criteria in a search that a lead has saved will also be sent via email. This option is one of many that our custom site clients can use on their site, by extending some core features of our platform to trigger custom alerts to leads like this. And when a registered lead views three or more listings, we can automatically gather the sort of homes they’re looking for and send them suggestions for properties they would probably also be interested in.

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