Property Suggestions Highlights

  • Re-engage with leads using automatic emails featuring listings similar to ones they’re interested in
  • Data for these emails is generated automatically after a lead has viewed three or more listings pages
  • These regular emails can re-engage up to 75 percent of website visitors

TRIBUS offers our clients many ways to continually engage and re-engage with website leads. Consistent engagement is key to ensuring that your real estate brokerage and your agent stay at the forefront of potential customers’ minds, synonymous with the real estate market in their areas. One of these methods is achieved by sending out property alerts, which sends leads emails when properties they’re interested in experience a change in price or status. Similarly, but different in some important ways, we have our property suggestions feature.

Unlike the property alerts functionality — or saved search alerts, which sends leads daily or weekly emails updating them about activity in a given area, price range or other search criteria they’ve saved in your system — property suggestions is automatic. After having registered on your real estate brokerage website, these property suggestions kick in after a lead has viewed three or more listings.

Even if he or she hasn’t manually set up a saved search alert, we will start to build a profile around what he or she is interested in when it comes to a home. Are they looking for luxury listings? Homes built after a certain year? In a particular neighborhood? This is the sort of data we will use to craft your periodic, automatic property suggestions emails (see image below), just from three searches the lead has executed.

property suggestions

These emails include photos of, and the most pertinent info about, the homes included within. They are “sent” from the agent who’s been assigned the lead via whichever lead routing rules you’ve set up. Not only are the property suggestions emails packed with useful information on homes the lead has shown interest in, they have also proven to re-engage up to 75 percent of website visitors, many of whom may have only viewed your real estate brokerage website once or twice. This is just one of the many tools TRIBUS arms our clients with to connect with potential customers.

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