Registration Highlights

  • Your real estate brokerage website can prompt visitors to encourage them to register on your site, giving them more options for custom results while browsing
  • Registering on your site triggers automatic opportunities for engagement with your leads, like emailed property suggestions and drip campaigns

Registration pop-up prompts allow you to customize a lead’s experience on your real estate brokerage website based on their needs. There are different kinds of prompts including soft, hard and back prompts. Based on years of tracking how leads use real estate websites and when the best time to request their registration is, we’ve found the perfect balance in our soft prompt option. This option has been proven to generate the best qualification and conversion of real estate leads. Because of this, we have made this our default prompt. However, depending on what works best for a broker or agent, customizing prompts beyond our defaults is an option.

You have the ability to choose whether you want hard prompts, hard prompts or back prompts for registration. Hard prompts appear when a user first visits an agent site and it prompts a registration box that can’t be closed out and visitors must register to view listings. Soft prompts can be closed out, but will continue to show up as the visitor continues to view subsequent properties only allowing them to see a certain number before having to register. Back prompts allow the visitor to close out the registration box and will allow them to view listings, but they won’t be able to click to view additional property details.

Registration on your site can trigger many different campaigns to engage with that lead. When the lead views three listings or more, for instance, you can send them automatic property suggestions for other listings they may like. There’s no end to the ways you can automatically engage after registration, just by allowing our system to add these leads to various drip email campaigns.

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