Sold IDX Data Highlights:

  • Enable website visitors to search through your brokerage’s sold properties
  • Allows buyers to make more informed decisions when looking for homes

When making basically any major life decision — especially the biggest financial decision of most folks’ lives — context is everything. You wouldn’t buy a car for $100,000 if you knew that a guy had, only yesterday, bought a similar car in a similar lot for $50,000, right? That’s the function of displaying sold IDX data for visitors of your real estate brokerage website: context for the real estate market your brokerage serves.

Sold data coming into IDX feeds can be enabled on all our clients’ sites, which is updated every 15 minutes, one of the fastest in the real estate industry. We have added a “sold” status search field option in order to make sold data searchable on your brokerage site. This feature allows potential buyers to estimate homes in their area, see what’s selling in their neighborhood and for how much.

On the side of the sellers, being able to view this sold IDX data, combing through how much their neighbors’ homes have closed for, can place them one step closer to filling out a form to see what their own home’s worth. Filling out that kind of form effectively functions as them “raising their hands” to become a lead for your brokerage and its agents.

Our clients’ ability to show this sold IDX data on their website is helpful for buyers, because it’s important for them to get all the information they can; this way, they can make informed decisions. As we discussed earlier, context is everything, and visitors armed with some context (and perhaps more realistic expectations) are bound to be more motivated when it comes time to work with a real estate agent. Additionally, your website can retain pages for sold listings after they sell, thus creating better real estate brokerage website SEO.

Additional monthly fees may apply.

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