Lead Routing Overnight Hours Highlights

  • Our lead routing system comes complete with the ability to pause routes in the nighttime
  • Leads are still engaged, receiving an automatic message letting them know someone will respond in the morning

Leads, of course, won’t always come in during business hours, or even typical waking hours. So what happens to one that pops up in the middle of the night while you and, presumably, your entire brokerage are asleep? How does an agent respond to a new lead quickly and efficiently, to minimize the risk of them looking elsewhere, if that agent is asleep? Do they lose that lead? Does that lead ever get any response? Does the alert just disappear? Or, more to the point, a better question: Does your brokerage have the capability for lead routing overnight hours?

As you may have guessed, TRIBUS’ real estate brokerage lead routing system has this covered. With our platform’s ability to pause lead routing for certain, specified hours, you set a beginning time and an ending time for the overnight paused period. Leads funneled through your TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM during this time period (which you control) are held from lead routing until the end of the paused period is reached.

But that’s not enough — no matter the time, engagement still needs to start quickly, or else your leads will start wandering elsewhere. During the overnight paused period, you can send an automatic, custom message alerting the lead, letting them know someone will get back to them the following day. Also with this feature, all lead assignments can be paused during the hours that you choose. At the end of the lead routing overnight hours you’ve chosen, leads are routed in the order received in accordance with the lead routing rules you’ve established, at a time when your agents can respond in a truly timely fashion.

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