Listing Agent Priority Highlights

  • Leads who view a brokerage listing are routed according to that property’s listing agent
  • Lead routing rules you have set up are over-ridden to send the lead to the more appropriate real estate professional
  • You can toggle this feature on or off, or decide to give the listing agent priority for a period of time before routing it to others if not accepted

At TRIBUS, we have worked very hard to make powerful, efficient lead routing rules that are totally customizable and highly specific for your brokerage. We have made lead routing as granular as you want it to be, allowing you to decide where the leads go depending on location, price range, property type and more. We have provided you with different options for how to deliver leads, for brokerages to choose what works best for them and their agents: Round Robin, Round Robin with Acceptance and First to Accept. But what about when a lead has shown interest in one of your brokerage listings? Wouldn’t it often be more helpful (for both the lead and your brokerage) to route that lead to the listing agent for that property? If you answered yes to that question, that’s why we’ve given you the option to grant the listing agent priority in your lead routing rules.

The system can automatically identify if newly registered leads were viewing a property listed by an agent in the brokerage. Brokers can choose to have the listing agent win the lead every time (or whenever possible) and have those leads skip any custom routing rules. Another option you can choose is to give the listing agent priority for a given amount of time, and if the agent doesn’t accept them within that time period, it goes elsewhere, decided by your normal rules. Or, of course, if you don’t find this works well for your brokerage, you can always turn it off.

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