Text Alerts Highlights:

  • Connect with Twilio to alert agents of a new lead via text messages
  • Create a unique, dedicated phone number to use for outgoing messages

Responding to leads quickly and efficiently is paramount — in fact, it is often the difference between gaining a customer and someone else gaining one. As we have discussed previously on our blog, almost seven in every 10 homebuyers said they only talked with one agent about their home search. So your odds of converting a lead skyrocket just by being the first to respond to them. As any broker knows, agents are always on their phones; if you can capitalize on that factor, you can best help enable them to be the first agent to call their leads back. That’s why we have introduced text alerts to our dynamic real estate brokerage lead routing system.

text alert

We have done this by developing a CRM integration with Twilio, in which clients can enable the text alert feature just by entering their Twilio credentials into TRIBUS. And because, as we have established, speed of response can be everything, in order to nurture leads, the TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM allows agents to accept leads by just simply clicking a link on an incoming text message.

All routes that require an agent to accept leads now includes three alert options: Standard email alert, new SMS text alert or a combined email and SMS alert. Brokers can also claim a unique phone number with the area code of their choice from Twilio’s system, which will be used as the ‘from’ number for messages triggered within TRIBUS. Whether your brokerage chooses granular lead routing via Round Robin, Round Robin with Acceptance or First to Accept, making the most of these text alerts gives your agents a key advantage in lead engagement, and your brokerage a huge new tool in your arsenal.

Please note: this feature is only currently available on our V2 platform. V3 will be using our new Push Notification service instead.

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