Real Estate Brokerage Blogs Highlights

  • Use the powerful WordPress platform to write and publish blogs regularly
  • For custom clients, the look and feel of their blog are totally up to them
  • TRIBUS can migrate your old blog post archive over to your new platform

For years, maintaining a consistent real estate brokerage blog has been a mainstay in marketing, because it (a) provides website visitors with regular, fresh content relevant to the communities in which they live and work, and (b) works wonders for a company’s SEO value. For these same reasons, the people here at TRIBUS publish our own blogs every week.

Since we build our platforms on WordPress, our clients can harness its powerful content management system for their real estate brokerage blog. They can display posts in an 100% custom design created just for their brokerage website. With a sleek look and an easy-to-use interface, these tailor-made blog platforms are the ideal way to publish branded content.

TRIBUS sites can support blog content (including images and video), categories, searches, author info, comments, subscribers, RSS feeds and more. There’s simply not a lot our blog services can’t do. You easily can publish market stats, display local listings, discuss community events, real estate news on the national or local level, announce new agents or offices – whatever you want to share.

Connect your real estate brokerage blog to your social channels like Facebook and Twitter to automatically push those out to your followers just by hitting “publish.” It’s also easy to add social sharing icons to your blogs, allowing readers to share your blogs and increase your reach event further.

To make the transition to a TRIBUS site smoother, if you managed a blog in the past, typically our Concierge Support can assist you with importing prior posts into your TRIBUS blog. No muss, no fuss.

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