Change Orders Highlights

  • Change orders can be submitted to change nearly anything you need
  • Small changes can be completed within a week, large changes within a month
  • Change orders are scoped, budgets given, and a timeline created before signing

When we build fully custom real estate brokerage websites for our clients, both our team and staff from your real estate brokerage put an extensive amount of thought and care into making sure your scope and deliverables are perfect. From the ground up, we make every move according to what the client wants for their site. That starts from our first conversation, and continues until you have the fully functioning platform that is exactly what your brokerage needs. But, no matter how tailor-made the site, needs change and technology shifts. And for that, TRIBUS has a team dedicated to change orders – it’s a normal part of our business.

A custom platform starts with a basic scope, which turns into a proposal, which turns into a contract. Once that contract is signed and we dive deeper into what the client wants, we start designing the website. Up through the design process, we allow our clients to change any part of the scope that they’d like.

After that time, all new changes become change orders. We will determine together whether that change will go into effect with the site launch, or if it’s best saved for some time after. We will approach the project like a full website scope made miniature, determining how long the project will take and how many resources we’ll need to devote to it before coming back to you with an anticipated budget and timeline. Typically, we complete change orders within 30 days of receiving a signed form.

Change orders can mean a lot of things, but with any of them, we custom-build the added features to your specifications. This can be a small thing that we can knock out relatively quickly — like adding a custom data field to your listing pages. It could be a mid-sized request for our team; for instance, you may need a custom user role added to your backend with unique permissions and capabilities, in a similar way as we’ve done for lenders. Then there’s the big requests, like an entirely new additional theme we need to create perhaps for a new development your company represents. Since we start all these with a blank slate, each will come with a different timeframe and cost, but there’s practically no task we’re not up to the challenge for to satisfy our customers.

Most importantly, because each of our clients are hosted in a separate space, change orders can be made for just your company without causing issues for others.

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