There’s no understating the importance of keeping your online activity secure.  Double that when it comes to your customers. If a lead doesn’t feel protected while using your site, the equation is simple — they won’t be using your site, or your services, anymore.  The lock in the URL bar is something that real estate searchers know they need to look for.  That’s why having an SSL certification is so important.

We’ve all heard about data leaks from major companies recently, but the news rarely covers smaller information releases on a single device.  This access is one of the biggest problems that brokerages don’t known they face according to the National Association of REALTORS.  For example, did you know that if your company is responsible for releasing data of a single resident of certain states, you might be responsible for not only very large fines, but also to mail notices to each person in your database and potentially even buy credit protection!

That’s why all TRIBUS sites come complete with SSL certifications using the HTTPS protocol. As one of the very few brokerage website vendors to offer these services standard out of the box, we stake our reputation on keeping your data and your customers’ private information safe both on the front and backend of your real estate brokerage platform.

A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification means that your site’s authenticity has been proven and you are who you say you are, giving leads an extra layer of comfort using your services. From there, all their data is encrypted and securely transferred and stored. Without this protection, client information can easily be viewed by anyone else sharing an insecure WIFI / Internet connection. Instead, with a TRIBUS website, customers can rest assured that you have their backs, and they will keep visiting again and again.

Additionally, Google recognizes the advantages of having SSL certifications. In fact, having it is a positive real estate website SEO ranking factor in determining your organic search engine placement. Better security and higher SEO ranking all begin with “SSL.”  SSL should be a requirement for your brokerage website, learn more about other items you should ask all real estate brokerage platform vendors you’re speaking to.

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