Testimonials Highlights

  • Manually add client feedback quotes to your real estate brokerage website and/or agent websites or sync them from third-part portals like Zillow Reviews or RealSatisfied
  • Set up automations to remind clients to leave your agents reviews after closing

Client testimonials have been a huge part of brokerage and agent marketing strategies for ages, and with good reason. (For instance, check out TRIBUS’ own testimonials here.) It lets leads know you know what you’re doing, and are pleasant to work with. It makes sense that you will want visitors of your real estate brokerage website to see them, displayed front-and-center, so TRIBUS has made it incredibly simple to do this, in a couple different ways.

Client reviews can be displayed in both or one of two ways:

Manually Added

You can publish testimonials, upload photos, link them to listings and more, on just about any page of your TRIBUS website. This offers the maximum level of control over exactly what appears on the site, and ensures these reviews are consistent with the look and feel of everything else on your site. Check out our custom pull-quote style below:

“I love this brokerage! It’s been great to buy a home from them and I will definitely come back next time I’m looking to make a move!”

— A Happy Customer


TRIBUS can integrate with Zillow Reviews, RealSatisfied, Reach150, Yelp and more. This allows testimonials to be displayed automatically, as soon as they are published on those sites. Some design limitations typically apply, as third party branding is required by our partners in order to give credit to the review source.

Want to automatically trigger an email to remind clients to post a review on their recent closing? That’s just one of the many ways your site can leverage TRIBUS’ core products to better serve your needs.

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