First Coast Sotheby’s International Realty
Custom Sotheby's Platform
Jacksonville, FL

First Coast Sotheby’s International Realty is based in Jacksonville, FL and has sold some of the most expensive real estate in the area.

First Coast Sotheby’s had used the franchise provided system for their brokerage – however like most franchise tools they are inflexible, not customizable, and not able to respond to the unique needs of each franchisee.  In addition, all too often, franchise systems aren’t updated and become stale within 12-24 months even though some of these systems can receive little to no updates for 5+ years.  Working with ultra high net worth individuals, First Coast needed something that stayed fresh – and at TRIBUS we provide free updates to our platform weekly!

In addition, the company was looking for a system their agents would actually like to use and become more productive when they engaged.  Because of TRIBUS’ unlimited free coaching program, their agents receive countless hours of assistance each month in helping them better work their tools and databases.

While some brokerages have chosen a best in breed approach, most companies have realized that a great all-in-one solution is much more effective and most likely to get agent engagement.  First Coast utilized custom brokerage websites, agent / team websites, brokerage CRM, transaction management, and real estate data warehouse, and the rest of the TRIBUS Brokerage Platform.  However, they were still able to use the TRIBUS API to allow their agents to work with vendors of their choice while still integrating the data into the brokerage’s data warehouse.

As with all Realogy brokerages, TRIBUS is connected to DASH and can easily transfer listings within minutes into the franchise reporting systems.

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