Love Hawaii Realty
Templated Brokerage Platform
Kapolei, HI

Love Hawaii Realty is unlike just about any other client we’ve had before. First, they’re selling real estate in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the islands of Hawaii. Secondly, where most of our clients have established websites and platforms that need revamping or rebuilding, the Love Hawaii team was building their brokerage from scratch, with TRIBUS in the co-pilot’s seat.

When Munro Murdock, founder and principal broker of Love Hawaii Realty, was starting up his brokerage, he saw his brokerage’s technology as a huge opportunity for growth, both internally and externally. While of course a dynamite real estate brokerage website offers countless benefits for branding, lead generation and more, he saw a TRIBUS platform as a great tool for agent recruitment and retainment — a beacon to area real estate professionals that this is a brokerage that takes its business seriously, and can equip agents with all the cutting-edge tech tools they’ll need to sell homes. He wanted technology that could grow as his brokerage did, which describes TRIBUS to a T.

Love Hawaii Realty was particularly attracted to TRIBUS’ Ashland Theme, which is built on the powerful WordPress platform. Helpfully, Murdock had worked extensively in the past producing content on this platform, so our tools offered an ease-of-use that was hard to beat.

One of the challenges we faced when it came to launching Love Hawaii Realty was an advanced timeline to work out all the details to making their perfect platform. Even with our semi-custom, templated option for real estate websites, there’s a lot that goes into developing a platform like ours, like integrating the constantly updated IDX feed that allows visitors to search through homes quickly. But through it all, our Concierge support team worked closely with Murdock and his team to ensure we were doing everything we could to help them achieve their vision for a real estate brokerage.

The final product can be viewed at See what Murdock had to say about his experience working with TRIBUS here.


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