Brokerage Moneyball Webinar

Data never lies — trust metrics over your gut!

In this webinar, hosted through Inman, TRIBUS VP of Business Development Jeff Harris breaks down what “Brokerage Moneyball” means for you, and how to start playing it. He is joined by panelists:

  • Brenda Tushaus, COO of RE/MAX Results
  • Deirdre LePera, Director of Business Development at REAL Trends
  • Laurie Weston Davis, Broker/Owner of Better Homes and Gardens Lifestyle Property Partners
Before “Moneyball” became a popular recruitment model in baseball, talent scouts would base their choices on subjective opinions; players were deemed ready for the Majors by how good their arm looked, or how well they fill out a uniform. “Moneyball” was developed to use players’ past performance data to decide the best path forward. And that’s the way brokerages should be run, too, with “Brokerage Moneyball.”


“Brokerage Moneyball” Webinar Details

There’s a time and a place for using one’s instincts, but there’s all sorts of metrics practically at your fingertips that you can be using to build a better brokerage. Whether that means discovering you’re paying too much for office space, hiring too many staff members or not supporting the right agents, playing “Moneyball” means knowing for sure if you’re spending your money wisely to increase profits.

This webinar is jam-packed with useful takeaways for you and your brokerage. Once the concept is established, Jeff and Co. show you exactly where to find the data you need to get a better picture of your current performance to all but guarantee a higher “batting average” in the future. After watching the “Brokerage Moneyball” presentation, you will be able to know exactly where you’re brokerage is heading — and not just trusting your gut for key decisions.


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 Companion Resource:
Also download the companion workbook to this webinar, the Management By Guesswork Workbook.
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