While the most successful agents are constantly working their brokerage CRM for their past clients and referral channels, all agents always love to get new leads.  Most brokerages want to provide at least some leads to their agents for recruiting and retention purposes.  That’s why we launched TRIBUS Engage, which makes managing your ads / leads easy, and built right into your brokerage platform.

TRIBUS Engage is a fast and easy way for your agents to take their current listings, brokerage listings, website content and other digital branding, and advertise it to a select audience across multiple social media channels like Facebook and Instagram as well as search engines like Google, in a matter of clicks. Using specially crafted blueprints, TRIBUS Engage is designed to take the heavy lifting out of navigating advertising, demographic targeting, and audience building, and bring the service of a full-service advertising agency directly to your agent’s fingertips inside of the MyTRIBUS intranet and brokerage CRM.

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Made Easy

Marketing and advertising are an especially important element of every agent’s business model. Starting with how the agent portrays themselves directly, to how there are perceived indirectly, and how the brokerage is branded. With TRIBUS Engage, agents can now automate the advertising process so that they can feel confident doing what they do best, which is help navigate clients through the real estate transaction.

This occurs while TRIBUS Engage is working for your brokerage and your agents in the background generating leads, driving valuable web traffic to their listings, and marketing their brand with eye-catching, thumb-stopping content using automated programs and advertising blueprints.

Advertising Blueprints

TRIBUS Engage currently offers three advertising blueprints:

–        Single Image Listing, Generate Web Traffic

–        Single Image Listing, Generate Leads

–        Drive Web Traffic for Marketing

The Single Image Listing, Generate Web Traffic blueprint is designed to stop social media users in their tracks with stunning imagery and perfected copy. Using the TRIBUS Engage pre-filled, data-driven copy metrics, the agent can confidently deploy an advertising campaign that does not rely on vanity metrics such as likes, or engagement, but instead drives traffic to the agent’s site, thus bringing them one step closer to working with them.

The Single Image Listing, Generate Leads blueprint can be one of the most powerful tools in the agent’s possession. This advertisement relies on similar metrics to its Traffic Generating peer, but also captures the social media audience’s information through a pre-filled form that is delivered directly to the agent’s TRIBUS CRM. Once there, the agent is notified within seconds of their new contact, putting them one step closer to engaging the client and working with them on their real estate transaction.

The Drive Web Traffic for Marketing blueprint is designed to help agents continuously brand themselves across social media, while also generating traffic and valuable leads through their TRIBUS website. Agents are always encouraged to create original content, and with the Drive Web Traffic for Marketing blueprint they are now able to share this content, as well as brokerage provided content, market reports and other useful tips for clients, across the social media landscape.

Automated Listing Ad Programs & Ease of Use

The most powerful feature of TRIBUS Engage is the ability to create automated ad programs that are delivered across Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and FB Messenger without having to even check. The automated programs are designed to allow brokerages to set certain parameters that govern how and when an ad should be built based on certain criteria.

For example, we are seeing brokerages sharing content and ads for listings every time an agent adds a new listing to their respective MLS. With TRIBUS Engage automated ad programs, brokerages can have this done for them within seconds of the listing hitting the MLS.


Let’s say an agent adds a four-bedroom, three-bath single family home listing to the MLS with a list price of $260,000 located in the Maplewood neighborhood. Using TRIBUS Engage automated ad programs, the brokerage could set the parameters to create a Single Image Listing, Lead Generating ad for any new home priced at or above $260,000, containing four or more bedrooms and located in Maplewood. The moment the TRIBUS API detects this listing is added to the brokerage’s MLS, the ad is created and shared across multiple social media channels. Brokerages are even able to determine how much money they would like to use for this ad in particular, and the duration for which they want the ad to run.

The question then becomes, how do we structure ad programs such that we never have to build our own ads? To do this, the TRIBUS Success works with your brokerage to develop a strategy using market data to determine the best criteria, spend and duration for each program.

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