At TRIBUS our user experience team is always on the lookout of how to make our products and services better for your agents, staff, and importantly – clients. We discovered that every other search platform out there, including those in use by the big portals had a major missing feature.

Most homebuyers do not purchase a home by themselves — many are pooling their resources with spouses, family members and friends in the home buying process. So why should your real estate brokerage website only cater to one user? TRIBUS’ collaborative search feature allows leads to bring other people into the process, keeping both parties updated, and increasing your reach to more prospective customers. And with our Households feature, you can keep track of all parties involved in the decision making process. Spouses, parents, investors, children and more. In addition, you can make sure that if you do marketing – either via email or traditional mail – your materials are coordinated and directed to the household. No more wasting hundreds of dollars a month in postgage sending many pieces to the same household!

Potential buyers can search and share homes with friends and family, receive real-time notifications about favorite properties and more. There are many different ways you can request someone to register or conduct a collaborative search to make the home search process not only productive, but also enjoyable.
Collaborative Search Activity

Leads can link a collaborator to their account on their profile when they first register, or at a later time. This information will appear in the lead’s activity stream in your real estate brokerage CRM. Leads are also able to remove the linked collaborator anytime if needed. The main purpose of linking an account with your co-buyer, friend or family member is so that both parties can manage and share information through their accounts easily and efficiently. They don’t need to go through the tedious process of emailing listings and updates ad nauseam to keep everyone in the loop. Collaborators can add notes to properties and then comment back and forth to each other to discuss their likes, dislikes, etc.

Additionally, the agent can view all listing comments from the collaborators. The system also identifies property matches based on listings that both parties have highly rated using our listing rating system. An email is instantly triggered alerting them to the match and suggesting that a showing be scheduled with their agent. The system will also ensure that collaborators are always assigned together in a pair to the same agent. This happens automatically and even if one of the leads is reassigned.  Collaborative search is something we’ve offered since 2011 because we know it’s vital to the home search process.

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