Company News and Messaging Highlights

  • From your brokerage Intranet, post new items of relevance to your brokerage, and collect them in a central place for all to see
  • Send out automatic emails to users every time a new post has been made to keep everyone up to date
  • Allow your agents to comment on your posts or create their own articles within the Company News portals

For many brokers, it can seem like new things are happening all the time, and it can be hard to communicate all that new information to the agents in your real estate brokerage.

An agent just won an award; you just added a new agent to one of your offices; there’s a special upcoming promotional campaign; there’s a company-wide event coming up soon — there’s no end to the announcements you need to make. And you can post them all in your real estate brokerage Intranet, in the portal for Company News.

With Company News, you can read important news posts from your colleagues as well as stay up to date on things that are happening internally within your company. Agents can also post comments or articles of their own if this feature is enabled by a broker.

Other important features can also be found in Company News. For instance, you can trigger email alerts to members of the company whenever a new announcement or article is posted. But if that article doesn’t really affect everyone (for instance, an event that would only pertain to one office location), you can also narrow down your alerts to just the offices that the news affects (see below).

Additionally, agents can also manage their subscription preferences so they stay in-the-know about the topics they care most about. To prevent agents from unsubscribing from certain categories, brokers can protect those categories so agents don’t miss important information.

You can even allow your own agents to post news items.  Many of our brokerages setup Haves / Needs lists, referral requests, etc.  Agents can then comment back and forth and message each other using this system.

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