YouTube Integration Highlights

  • Easily post YouTube videos on almost any page of your TRIBUS website, from listings to communities, just by inserting a link — no iFrames or embed codes needed
  • The TRIBUS platform also takes care of the video’s SEO structure for you, driving traffic to the video and your site.

You don’t need us to tell you what Google’s YouTube is, or what a boon it can be for your business. It’s by far the No. 1 most popular video hosting and sharing site on the internet. YouTube videos are also incredibly easy to integrate with just about any website or social media feed, and they offer analytics on your views and engagement that could prove important to your future strategies.

While some video marketing services like Wistia and Brightcove may offer businesses more functionality than if they had just thrown their videos up on YouTube, the sheer accessibility of the platform mean, if you want to bring big numbers to a video, your plan should include YouTube. For those who do, we have made it simpler than ever to place a video on your custom real estate brokerage website, and to draw traffic to it.

Normally, to place a video onto a page of your website, you’d need to deal with complicated iFrames or cumbersome embed codes. On your TRIBUS site, however, all you need to do is insert a link, and our system takes it from there. It will look seamless on any page you place the video on — a blog post, a Community page, your site’s homepage, one of your listings, et al. As experts and obsessives about real estate brokerage website SEO, we’ve also made sure the TRIBUS platform takes care of the video’s SEO for you; all you have to do is put in the link, and we take it from there, building organic search traffic to your site.

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