Mortgage Calculator Highlights

  • Automatically fills in mortgage data from listing details
  • Look and feel is custom-designed to fit brokerages website’s theme and aesthetics

When it comes to presenting interesting, informative data about a listing, TRIBUS loves to pack a lot into a deceptively simple interface. It makes for a user experience that leaves visitors feeling more informed than they may even realize. Even better: When all this data is pulled automatically, and presented in that dynamic package with no heavy lifting done by the brokerage staff or listing agent. Case in point: TRIBUS’ mortgage calculator.

Mortgage Calculator

You’ll be most likely to find this mortgage calculator on an custom real estate brokerage IDX listing page, automatically pulling in data from that listing to pre-fill its fields (though it can be used in a variety of places — for instance, internal listings). It’s easy to customize where you want to place the display; you may want it presented next to data on nearby schools and a place to sign up for monthly Market Insights emails.

Of course, as with all things TRIBUS, the options for customization don’t end there. We will work with you to custom design the calculator that appears on your site, ensuring that it is in line with your brokerage’s theme and brokerage brand guidelines.

The data automatically presented here covers just about everything a user needs to know about their what their mortgage on the home they’re interested in would be like. This includes:

  • The list price of the home
  • A dropdown menu with different loan type options to select, like a 30-year fixed rate, 15-year fixed, 3/1 ARM loan and so on
  • Another dropdown menu to select what percentage of the purchase price you can pay for a down payment
  • The loan’s interest rate
  • What kind of property taxes you should expect to pay on the home
  • Other estimated expenses, like homeowner’s insurance and HOA dues, if applicable


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