Real Estate Listing Stats Highlights

  • Place a table on just about any page of your real estate brokerage website containing a chosen area’s real estate market statistics
  • Choose the community you want to highlight by city, county, ZIP code, school district or your own demarkation
  • Data on these tables is automatically updated every 15 minutes

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, context is crucial. A homebuyer isn’t just interested in the home itself. They will, of course, want to see the particulars of the area in which the home is located — whether that means median pricing per square foot, schools or any other pertinent real estate listing stats.

You’re going to want this sort of information on hand; bonus points if it’s thorough, easy to access and quickly acquired. Using TRIBUS, you get all three.

Real Estate Listing Stats

In seconds, you can insert real estate listing stats into a blog post, a dedicated Communities page about the area or almost any other page on your real estate brokerage website. This allows you to present yourself as a market expert, with freshly updated stats about a particular area (specifically, the real estate listing stats are refreshed every 15 minutes), down to a zip code, school district or any other region you consider a community. You can even choose a totally custom community by drawing it on a map (see the bottom-right photo above).

Creating stats is as easy as creating a MLS search. Pick your property type, your location, your school districts, any keyword the properties need to meet, pricing details — anything you need. Once you’re done, all this information is immediately exported to a handy chart you can insert essentially anywhere.

Pages that contain these stats can also contain listings for that same identified area, photos from that community, local points of interest and basically any other information you want to share about it. All of which provides the hyper-local information your clients, and prospective clients, will want from their local expert: you!

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