TRIBUS exists in large part to help brokerages work more efficiently — and, lucky you, efficiency always has profitability tagging along right behind it. That’s why, with the TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM, you can keep an interactive task list right on your dashboard. With the additional option of displaying a simple, easy-to-use widget on your Intranet homepage that displays a preview of upcoming tasks, you’ll never complain of being unable to keep all your agents on the same page.  Also, any admin on your team can easily bring up the Tasks widget on his or her Intranet homepage, and send out assignments to members of their team in a matter of seconds.

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Any Task can be linked, or associated, with any lead or any transaction. They can also be assigned to the lead or transaction owner, or to another agent or staff member. Creating tasks is a very simple process, and can be done by agents or staff members.

One of the biggest reasons why brokerages should to take advantage of the CRM Task management system is to help agents follow up with their leads. According to real estate coach Tom Ferry, the likelihood of conversion skyrockets when one follows up five or more times, as compared to just three times. But, of course, it’s easy to forget these all-important steps, and setting up these kinds of tasks are meant to help ameliorate that. Some other great uses for your brokerage are:

  • Meetings with inspectors or appraisers
  • Regular training sessions with your agents
  • Agent and client birthdays
  • Calling clients to get paperwork in order

Whether an agent needs to follow up on a lead, schedule inspectors or just pick up their dry cleaning, it’s never been more efficient to coordinate, in the same place as everything else your brokerage needs to know. The Tasks capability is here as a kind of aspirin for so many of a brokerage’s headaches.

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