Landing Pages and Capture Forms Highlights

  • Your brokerage and your agents can building landing pages and drive traffic to generate leads
  • Capture forms can be placed throughout your website for lead generation and qualification
  • Forms are customizable for content, style, branding and function within your CRM

You can make your landing pages as pretty as you want, your blog content as engaging as it gets, your logo as sleek as they come — but the effectiveness of your real estate brokerage website can often all come down to your lead capture forms. If your capture forms aren’t functional, user-friendly and nicely designed, you might as well, many times, kiss lead qualification goodbye.

The TRIBUS capture forms aren’t just part of a well-oiled lead generation and qualification machine, they’re also easily customizable for your needs. They can be inserted into any TRIBUS website, and any particular page you want. They will be cohesive with your theme’s custom styles automatically, and although you can use the default look, you can also customize options, field titles, requirements and more to meet your specific requirements (or create your own to apply custom tags to leads who complete them). You can even add your brokerage branding to each form. Every form entry will instantly send the lead a sign-up confirmation, and will create a new note in your lead’s timeline, including the details from the entry. After filling one out, the new lead will automatically be sent a new contact confirmation alert to kick off the engagement process while being routed to your agents according to your brokerage lead routing rules.

You and your team work hard to get visitors to your website. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple sign-up form, as a pop-up or at the bottom of a webpage; it’s often the most important thing on there to convert a visitor to a lead. To learn much more about just how important these forms are for your real estate brokerage, be sure to read all about them over on our blog.

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