Blast Email Highlights

  • Send one message out to leads, clients and / or other contacts to communicate new listings, upcoming events or other pieces of correspondence
  • The TRIBUS platform collects email stats to see how they were received: opens, clickthrough reports and bounces

Having an effective method of sending mass emails out to your contacts (and for your agents to do the same) isn’t just a nice thing to have — it’s paramount to your brokerage’s ability to engage with leads and communicate with your clients, agents and staff. It’s the bedrock of a robust email marketing platform. Particularly now that most people always carry around their phone with them, checking their email notifications over and over again throughout the day, mass emails should be a regular part of your day to day marketing strategy, and TRIBUS want to help make that easier than ever. Right from our platform, as part of our email marketing suite, you’re able to send out blast email to anyone who needs communicating with.



Blast email are one-time messages that you set up to be sent out to your clients or prospective clients. This is a good way to let a client know about an announcement, upcoming event, changes with a listing, etc. Take advantage of our tags system to make the audience for your message as granular as you like. And because the interface is user-friendly and caters to every type of user’s needs, you won’t have to deal with any complicated systems.

We know that everyone prefers different email hosts; therefore, all of our emails are processed through our API so you can use whichever host and address that you would like. For instance, we integrate with email platforms like Happy Grasshopper, MailChimp and SendGrid to ensure that you are best able to communicate with your leads in any way you or your agents want to.

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