Calendar Highlights

  • View calendars for your brokerage, individual offices, and more to display within your TRIBUS Intranet
  • Keep your agents and staff up to date on company events, open houses, training sessions, meetings and more

You may find that the business of running a brokerage can involve you or your staff having to draft up a whole lot of emails just to remind your agents and stuff about upcoming meetings, events and approaching deadlines. It would be helpful, then, to have a centralized hub for all the noteworthy dates for your brokerage. The Calendar portal is how your whole team stays on the same page — literally.

The calendar is on the real estate Intranet dashboard. Using an interactive, shared calendar, brokers, agents and staff can stay up-to-date on important dates and agendas. Because our calendar just uses your third party tool to integrate it directly on our page, you can control permissions for these public calendars, so that only certain users can add to or edit it. All calendars can be pulled directly from our Google integration, Office 365 / Microsoft Office Calendar, or any other embeddable calendar system because we want to eliminate typing out the same important dates and events over and over again.  In addition, we can even integrate with learning management systems (LMSs) to allow you to track your agents attendance.


That said, clutter is the natural enemy of efficiency — if you have a large brokerage, the TRIBUS system can selectively display the appropriate office or training calendar for each user.  It will also automatically setup tabs if agents have multiple calendars pushed down to them.

Keep all agents and staff on the same page every time they log in to your brokerage Intranet.

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