Branded HTML Highlights

  • Bring your own custom designed HTML messages or have our team design them for you
  • All emails that are sent out from the TRIBUS email marketing platform are branded for your brokerage and, typically, the agent who’s sending out the email
  • We will work with your marketing and design teams to ensure that every email that goes out represents your brokerage’s brand well

Email is one of the most effective ways that your real estate brokerage marketing department can generate brand recognition. That includes the everyday, minor inquiries and a huge chunk of most brokerage’s marketing strategies; that’s why we’ve put so much work into our real estate brokerage email marketing system, including drip email and blast email capabilities, and tons more chances to engage with leads, like our Market Insights dispatches and automatic property suggestions. But the copy isn’t the only consideration that should be going into your brokerage-wide email correspondence. At TRIBUS, we’re passionate about design, and that extends to the emails you send through our system, so we have given brokers the ability to set a custom header and footer for branded HTML emails coming from your brokerage. This doesn’t just make your agents look good — it also gives brokers more control over what agents are sending out, allowing you to rest easy knowing the emails going out with your name on them are up to snuff with your branding guidelines.

The marketing team within your brokerage will work directly with the TRIBUS graphic design team to create the perfect custom branded HTML messages for your company. Once it’s been loaded for you, all emails sent from any admin or agent in the system can utilize that style, and can easily be customized on a message by message basis. For many emails that go out through our system, we can even automatically include the sending agent’s headshot and contact info in the header. This ensures that each message sent carries through the high quality that your brand should exude.

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