Vimeo Integration Highlights

  • Vimeo’s high-def video hosting is perfect for videos of homes, which you can place on a listing page or almost anywhere else on your real estate brokerage website
  • TRIBUS’ platform makes it very simple to place a video onto your site, without using iFrames or embed codes, and it takes care of the SEO for you

Vimeo is an incredibly popular video streaming service, especially when it comes to hosting high-definition videos. The service was the first to start offering high-quality video uploads more than a decade ago, and they have continued to add features to keep them at the cutting edge of streaming the best quality of videos on a massive scale. This has made it the favorite platform for many filmmakers and video advertising agencies, rather than YouTube, as it provides users with a further level of control over the way their videos are displayed and accessed.

For real estate brokerages that want to put a high level of production value into their videos, then, Vimeo may be the video hosting and sharing platform for you. (Vimeo’s higher-tier, paid plans also allow for collaboration between several of your team members.) These kinds of high-def videos would be perfect to place directly on one of your listing pages to really highlight the ins and outs of a gorgeous home, or for a walking tour of a neighborhood to place on one of your website’s Community pages. And it couldn’t be simpler to add one of these videos to nearly any page of your TRIBUS custom real estate brokerage website: Rather than wrangling with complex embed codes or iFrames, we’ve made it simple to insert a video onto your site. Just paste in the link to the Vimeo video, and the TRIBUS system will automatically embed it. Additionally, our platform takes care of setting up the right SEO for the video, drawing more traffic to the page and bringing more views, without you or your team needing to worry about the right coding to post your video.

Learn more about this high-quality streaming service here.


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