Unlike traditional brokerage platforms, at TRIBUS, just like your website, your real estate brokerage IDX/VOW can be customized to meet your specific needs.

We obtain raw broker RETS feeds from each of our clients’ MLS’s and we update those feeds every 15 minutes, giving us one of the fastest update times in the real estate brokerage website industry.  and we can append additional data like a mortgage calculator (using your in-house mortgage company’s rates), AVMcommuting information, school data, and any other dataset you can think of – this is the power of a completely custom real estate brokerage IDX solution.

Custom Brokerage IDX

You shouldn’t be confined to limitations with an IDX/VOW platform. TRIBUS IDX/VOW not only provides the power of customization, which is an important benefit, but it also provides the power of being fully responsive so your homes can be searched from any device at any time. And you will also receive updates automatically so you can ensure that you are always offering the most up-to-date search features for your prospective buyers. After all, you don’t want to lose out on potential business because your home searches aren’t simple and seamless.

Of course emailing out properties is one of the most important aspects of an IDX / VOW platform.  At TRIBUS, it’s something we don’t take lightly.  We’re constantly working to tweak our messages to increase conversions.  We send property alerts and property suggestions to your clients even if they don’t setup a saved search.  If they look at just three properties, we’ll begin to build a profile around what they like.  These emails re-engage up to 75% of visitors that might have only come once.

Additionally, you can customize your listings based upon price, city, zip and several other non-traditional search criteria that are important to you and your client.  For example, in your area noting ski-in/ski-out properties might be important, or lakefront / waterfront, etc. No custom search or display field is a problem for us.

And because your search should be as easy to use as possible, our Brokerage IDX system can commingle data between an unlimited number of MLSs without our system slowing down.  In fact, we have clients that have over 10 MLS feeds combined onto a single website, most importantly the search of those 10+ MLS fees is still lightning fast.  While we’re already in over 150 MLSs, we add more all of the time.  If we don’t have yours currently, and they use RETS, we will be glad to add it for you.

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