Wistia Integration Highlights:

  • Generates leads from embeddable videos to be routed and tracked through your TRIBUS CRM
  • Use data generated through video views to better segment automated marketing strategies
  • Upload videos quickly, store in the cloud and easily embed them in any page

Video marketing is just about the hottest way for businesses to get their names out there, while also effectively educating consumers about their services. One of the leaders in video marketing is Wistia, which not only allows its users to upload videos to the cloud and embed them anywhere but also to track how those videos perform. And it’s that last feature that makes it an excellent service to integrate with TRIBUS, so these leads are funneled, routed and tracked through our CRM.

Besides their many features, including a simple drag-and-drop uploader and fast video load times, Wistia is key for lead generation. Users can add a simple sign-up form to their videos, easily generate new leads, and integrate them with TRIBUS’ marketing abilities, like our email marketing suite to engage and foster leads for outbound marketing campaigns. The data provided by the platform can help your brokerage better segment your audience for automated marketing strategies, like drip messaging. As seen in the graphic below, Wistia can also be useful for SEO rankings and data analytics, among other added benefits.Wistia Benefits

Like any TRIBUS website, these videos can be viewed (and uploaded) from any screen due to their responsive design. From there, of course, they can be embedded on a TRIBUS page, like a community page or blog post. When it comes to user interfaces, it doesn’t get much easier to use than Wistia’s platform. TRIBUS uses their services, too, for saving and cataloguing our own videos.

Your needs are important to us, which is why we partner with services like these — those that help grow your business and streamline your technology.


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