GreatSchools Integration Highlights

  • Provide detailed school reports for every community and listing
  • Integrate school information into your TRIBUS website

For some customers, before thinking about the size of the home they want, before looking into their mortgage options, maybe before even looking at your website, they have one thing on their mind: schools. To better serve these folks, some brokerages may want to consider adding this sort of data to their website, helping to establish themselves as reliable experts on their local area. And to better serve these brokerages, we are fully integrated with GreatSchools, a leading source of school data across the country.

Great Schools integration

GreatSchools, a not-for-profit foundation that provides parents resources to better know and interact with schools in their area, also offers comprehensive sets of school data for real estate. This data can be easily inserted into a TRIBUS listing or community page. GreatSchools is also one of the only sources to provide school rankings, and the data you receive also often includes reviews of each school, written by parents and former students.

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