Proactive Support Highlights

  • TRIBUS cares deeply for our clients! We make a point of reaching out to them regularly to check in and see how their experiences with our products have been going
  • We don’t just wait for agents to reach out to us for support — we make it a point to connect with them to make sure they are getting everything they need from our platform
  • We get in touch with your agents on at least a quarterly basis to give them an open forum to ask questions and offer suggestions

Primarily, with most companies, client care teams are there to be reactive. Have a technical issue with your website? Can’t figure out how to update your profile? Encounter a bug you can’t bypass? Responding to those sorts of problems is typically what brokerage platform vendor client care representatives are there to do. That’s true of TRIBUS, as well — our Concierge support team keeps extended hours (specifically, 11 hours a day, five days a week) to help you and your agents with your platform needs, and are available by phone, email and in-app chat to keep an open line of communication with you. But we don’t stop there. Besides being reactive to difficulties you may confront with your software, we also believe in being proactive to ensure you are getting the absolute most out of your TRIBUS platform.

What does proactive support mean? In short, it means we care about our brokerage clients. From the brokers and executive team to the agents and staff. They’re TRIBUS’ lifeblood — we don’t just do technology, we do relationships. And we care about your relationship with our products. That’s why we are always reaching out to brokers and their agents just to see what their experiences are like. Have they found themselves becoming more productive since taking on our services? Have they had trouble figuring any of it out? We want to know! And we don’t want to wait around until they start having any real problems. Check out what a couple agents from our brokerage client, Zephyr Real Estate, had to say about our Concierge Support team (or view all testimonials here).

proactive support testimonials

Let us contact your agents before they know they even need us. We will reach out to them quarterly (at least) to see if there have been any problems or even slight snags they have experienced with our technology, so that we can make our platform better and assure that your agents are getting everything they need from their TRIBUS real estate brokerage website, CRM and everything else our platform entails. We make hundreds of calls to our clients and their teams, but it’s not about the number of calls our people can make. It’s about the level of care we provide — and we couldn’t care more about our customers. If there is an issue they need help with, we’ll start screen-sharing with them right away to solve it. And if there isn’t, we still like to collect feedback to figure out the elements they like and don’t like; it’s how we’ve gotten to this point, and how we continue to get better.

This proactive engagement is also how we’ve been able to increase agent adoption of brokerage-provided technology — we smoothen speed bumps that often keep agents from using the products they’ve been equipped with. Additionally, besides getting feedback on your agents’ trouble spots, being proactive means we want to establish an open forum to let them offer ideas on how our technology can be be more efficient and effective. Of course, agents can contact us at any time if they need that extra support.

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