Lender CRM Accounts Highlights

  • Add loan officers as users of your real estate brokerage CRM to work more closely with leads
  • Lenders can only see the lead details of those they are directly working with

Most medium to large real estate brokerages have their own in-house mortgage company. Using the TRIBUS CRM, any lender in your company can work with your Realtors to better close deals.

lender CRM accountsIf your company has partnered with a select group of lenders, that relationship can bring with it some complications when it comes to working with leads together. The assigned agent will likely have a long email thread with the assigned lender, going back and forth, each updating the other on their progress with the lead. It can often be a mess, and difficult for a lender to get real-time updates on the lead’s status.

The name of the game for TRIBUS’ real estate brokerage CRM is gathering all the pertinent information about a lead and placing it in the same page for maximum convenience during the conversion process. So we added the ability to add lenders as users in your CRM, to put them and your agents literally on the same page.

With this feature, lenders are only able to see those leads they are personally working with — you don’t have to worry about them having complete access to your brokerage’s CRM data, so there’s no harm in inviting lenders from outside the company. Rather than all the back-and-forth that many experience when collaborating with a lender, he or she will be able to directly find the relevant lead in the CRM. From the lead’s details page, the agent and lender can easily add notes (for instance, “Approved for a fixed mortgage”) to communicate with each other. Any pertinent info a lender would need (and little else), they have access to it, including their transactions.

Lenders are added to the CRM like any other user, but with a special user role that specifies their access permissions. And, like any user, the seat comes with applicable fees. For a brokerage that works extensively with loan officers, this TRIBUS feature is a must.

We can even integrate your in-house lending company rates with the mortgage calculator that will appear on all IDX pages.

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