Client Notes Highlights

  • Jot down notes about conversations, correspondence and progress with leads within your real estate brokerage CRM
  • Collect all your updates with leads in one centralized place for future reference

Just about any broker has witnessed this scenario: An agent is working a lead, calling and emailing them frequently to update them on their progress, report new information, check in on their status and putting them in touch with outside vendors as they work them down the sales funnel — while, meanwhile, the agent’s notes about all this correspondence is strewn through a million post-it notes, notebooks and maybe even scrawled on their hands. Sound familiar?

This sort of system is bound to occasionally fail, and a real estate agent can’t always expect to keep track of every detail about their leads with this disorganized approach to note taking. TRIBUS wants to give brokerages a better way through our real estate brokerage CRM. Instead of a thousand scattershot reminders contained in a thousand different places, we provide a central hub for everything an agent might need to write down about their communication and updates about a lead, seen only by them and other team members.

The Notes feature allows you to stay organized in your busy day by quickly recapping conversations and communications. You can recall previous client call attempts, recall certain facts about clients or prospective clients, and whatever else you think will be important for later reference. And because you can add these annotations for every interaction, you will be able to stay current with your communications.

We know that, in working with a lead, agents also often work intimately with lenders, so we have also introduced a user type specifically for lenders. This grants loan officers the ability to log into your brokerage CRM (only able to access those leads they are specifically collaborating on with an agent). This gives them access to also add notes to a lead within the CRM, so that they don’t need to send a bunch of emails back and forth with an agent to update each other on their progress.

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