Brightcove Integration Highlights

  • Host, promote and collect data from Brightcove’s all-in-one video platform, to place on your TRIBUS real estate brokerage website
  • Engage leads on your site and beyond, making them more likely to register and be funneled into your brokerage CRM

Video isn’t just a cool way to highlight your listings, agents and events — it’s become a necessary part of any marketing strategy. Whether they’re on social media or on your custom real estate brokerage website, users are far more likely to engage with your content if they can just click “play” on a video. It’s not hard to see why; videos are more visually interesting, packed with easily digestible information and don’t require much effort on their part. But video does often require a lot of effort on your part, from filming to posting to poring over their analytics. Brightcove is a company hoping to alleviate a lot of that strain, creating an all-in-one platform for video marketing.

brightcove screens

Brightcove promises to do away with the technical complexity that can often bog down video marketing strategies that brokerages employ. Instead, they deliver a user-friendly platform to host videos, share them, generate leads and represent your brand well — in addition to providing extensive stats on performance and viewer experience, crucial to informing your next steps.

This integration between Brightcove and TRIBUS can work in myriad ways. Want to drive traffic to your real estate brokerage website? Place videos on your brokerage’s social media channels, as well as those of your agents, and direct viewers back to your site to gain attention to your company and its listings. Want to better engage the visitors you already have using video? It couldn’t be simpler to place a Brightcove video your TRIBUS website — whether on your homepage, your listing pages, a Community page or just about anywhere else — without worrying about iFrames or embed codes. Just give us a URL and our system does the rest. An engaged user is then more likely to fill out a form to request more information, which then pushes these leads automatically to your TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM. Through Brightcove, you can even post live video from your next event!

Learn more about these all-in-one video marketing platforms here.

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