Chat Support Highlights

  • TRIBUS offers live chat support to help our clients quickly and efficiently, allowing us to get thorough in our support through dialoguing with you
  • In-app chat button is available within your TRIBUS platform, just a click away

While email and phone support have been mainstays of customer care for years, a more recent advancement in this field has been live chat support. While our Concierge support team is still always just a phone call or email away, this live chat feature offers a speedy way to get into detail with whatever question, concern or question you have about the TRIBUS platform, and representatives from our customer care team is quick to respond.

Our Concierge Support team responds to chats at an average rate of 32.5 seconds, and resolves the issue in an average of just six minutes!

Because we know you’re busy, we offer live chat support for those who would rather chat with our Concierge client care team to save time and hassle. If your agents have a question or concern about our CRM, need help sending a Drip Email or Blast Email they are there to help instantly, right from within our systems. Our systems allow us to deep dive into what the agent has in their system to provide the best, instant help.

Here is what one of our clients had to say about our chat support, having used it extensively, particularly in the days and weeks after launching his TRIBUS real estate brokerage website:

“That black button from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. is always there to click on for an immediate chat. I’ve used it probably eighty times in the last 24 hours and they’ve responded instantly every single time. They do it with a serious degree of grace and good timing.”

J.D. Calvin | Broker / Owner | BHHS Vision Real Estate

If they are looking for tips/tricks and prefer a quick response, they can simply contact a TRIBUS support staff member through our Chat feature with a push of a button.

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