Email Marketing Stats Highlights

  • View important statistics about the emails you send out through the TRIBUS email marketing system
  • Stats include factors like emails opened, clickthroughs, soft bounces and hard bounces
  • View stats as a whole or individual stats on the lead profile pages of recipients

Email marketing is a big part of many real estate brokerages’ marketing strategies, and with good reason. It’s effective, direct and easily automated for dynamic communication tactics like drip programs. It’s no coincidence that, at TRIBUS, we created our own, powerful email marketing suite, rather than settling for our integrations with third-party platforms like MailChimp or Happy Grasshopper — if it’s important to brokerages, it’s important to us, and we want to make sure you make the most of your email marketing. But if you’re sending out emails all the time, but never have a full grasp of whether your strategies are working or not, you’ll never be sure if the time you invest in your email marketing is worth it, or how to best engage with your audience. We never want our clients practicing what we call “Management by Guesswork” like that, so we have equipped our clients with all the email marketing stats they’ll need to grow their businesses through our system.

email marketing stats - blast crop

As a way of tracking the success of your campaign, you can view the email marketing stats of each email including the number you sent, how many were opened, click-through rates and number of bounces (both soft and hard). These stats are all collected for each email, but are also incorporated into the Lead Profile pages to make them easy to view.

Email marketing stats also help the success of future emails, as you can alter subject lines and content based on engagement of each email campaign. If you’re seeing a lot of emails left unopened (or, worse, leads are unsubscribing), you know it’s time for a change to your game plan!

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