Round Robin Highlights

  • Leads are routed to each agent in order, working its way down the list of agents
  • Once the entire list has been routed a lead, it starts back at the top again
  • Agents aren’t required to accept the lead; it’s assigned to them automatically

The people here at TRIBUS have put a lot of work into our lead routing rules in order to be able to step back and let our clients select the way they want to route leads according to what works best for their own, specific brokerage. One of the ways you can route them is First to Accept, in which a notification of a new lead is sent out to all your agents simultaneously, and whoever volunteers to take the lead first wins it. Another, which we sometimes consider to be the “default” option for many brokerages, is Round Robin. (The third, Round Robin with Acceptance, is a bit of a hybrid of the two.)

Round Robin means that leads are assigned to agents based on the order that has been set by the brokerage. The TRIBUS lead routing system will assign a lead to each member of the queue, in the order that they’re listed in on the queue list. Once the queue makes it’s way through the entire list, it will start again at the top.

To select the Round Robin lead routing option, just head to the routes page in the TRIBUS platform. Create or edit a route, and in the first box (“Set the Basics,” pictured below) pick Round Robin in the “Select a Rule” dropdown menu.

round robin

Once a lead is given to someone, it’s automatically assigned to them. No acceptance is required for this option. Once a lead is assigned to an agent, it’s theirs to work. If you like this rule but want to implement acceptance into it, the Round Robin with Acceptance rule is probably the way to go for your brokerage.

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