While some brokerages have a few listings and can easily track each one, others may have 1000s at any given time.  Keeping track of each one can be a daunting task for both companies, teams and agents.  With the rise of pocket, off-market and pre-MLS listings, it’s added a whole new layer to this problem.  So TRIBUS created a listing management tool that allows corporate, regional, and office staff to manage those listings, as well as gives agents the ability to see each of theirs quickly and easily.

With the TRIBUS listing management tool, each user gets permissions to see the listings you want to give them access to.  That means if you want to allow all agents to see pre-MLS listings, no problem.  There is even a search tool to make finding the homes you’re looking for very easy.

Once found, your agents can easily enhance listings it by adding photos, updating the remarks, or adding a branded 3D or virtual tour.

If an agent is looking for the right listing for their clients, regardless of being on the market or pre-market, they can, with two buttons, send that listing information to their clients and track the view.  This makes it easy for your team to market your properties before they hit the MLS.

That’s why the Listing Search feature is so handy. It allows logged-in members of the brokerage to explore listings in any area of their choosing, which will provide results for MLS properties, off-market properties, coming soon properties and more. Quickly find the information that adds value to your client relationship by providing quick access. With TRIBUS’ real estate Intranet, it’s all in the same place, and all easy to use.  Most importantly, your REALTORs can easily add a link to the listing management tool on their phone to be able to find their or your companies listings while out in the field.

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