Pre-MLS Listings Highlights

  • Manage your off-market listings to start marketing these properties before they are live on your MLS
  • Brokers can give various agents and staff different levels of access for editing and accessing pre-MLS listings
  • TRIBUS’ fully custom clients can be able to push these listings live with just one click

In many markets, real estate brokerages have chosen to implement coming soon, off-market, and pre-MLS listings, which give their agents the ability to market a listing before it hits the MLS. Data has shown in the past that doing so is effective in reducing that listing’s time on the market (although some MLSs have special rules restricting this; be sure you aren’t in violation of these rules before starting to market your “coming soon” listings). At TRIBUS, we’ve built into our real estate brokerage intranet product the ability for your staff and agents to manage your own off-market listings.

Our pre-MLS listings system allows you to give agents and staff varying levels of access to add and edit these listings.  They can add unlimited photos, marketing remarks, and other data about the home.  Depending on your custom brokerage website scope, you can then push these listings live to your website with one click.  You can choose to make these listings searchable and indexable as well.  All of this can be done directly within our Listing Management system.

If you sell one of these listings, you can also market it as sold and leave it up on your brokerage website and even push down to the agent websites involved in the transaction.

Once internal listings are published, you can either display them on the site in a similar manner to IDX Listing pages or choose to additionally display them in Single Property Website pages, which allows for forwarding of a custom listing domain.

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