MapTrack Integration Highlights

  • By simply adding a single line of code to any page of your TRIBUS real estate brokerage website, collect accurate mailing addresses of visitors to your site
  • Integrate MapTrack with your TRIBUS brokerage CRM to gain new insights into your leads for better marketing strategies, particularly for direct-mail campaigns

maptrack dashboard

These days, data is king. The more data you have — collected through your TRIBUS custom real estate brokerage website, real estate listing portals like Zillow, and beyond — the better you’re able to engage the leads you have, and collect more leads from places you may not otherwise have thought of. In real estate, finding the right leads is so often all about location. And MapTrack is an invaluable tool for collecting location data, down to the addresses where your visitors are coming from.

While the benefits can be myriad, the way MapTrack works couldn’t be simpler. Add just one line of code to pretty much any page of your real estate brokerage website, and then users will be prompted to opt in to share their locations. Once they do (MapTrack has seen around a 25-35 percent opt-in rate), the system works with the user’s device to find accurate latitude-longitude coordinates. MapTrack uses a reverse geo-coder engine that assigns street-level mailing addresses to each user, far more accurate than simply using one’s IP address or a service like Google Analytics — both of which can often report incorrect location data.

MapTrack graphic

From here, there’s practically no end to the possible uses for the data MapTrack collects. The impact a platform like this will have for your direct-mail marketing efforts is going to be huge. You can also, for instance, view all your website visitors on a map view, giving you unprecedented new insights into exactly where your leads are. Using a connection with Zapier, it’s simple to push all this information into your TRIBUS brokerage CRM, automatically assigning reliable addresses to leads from within the system. But the integrations with MapTrack don’t end with TRIBUS — connect the service to all kinds of other apps using Zapier, like Google Suite, email marketing platforms like MailChimp, other CRMs like Salesforce, and countless others.

In the modern real estate brokerage landscape, you can’t afford to neglect collecting and analyzing data in any way you can. And, in particular, leveraging location-based data, with accurate address information, is going to work wonders for your brokerage’s business strategies — and it helps that MapTrack does all this while being easy to use. Learn more about this dynamic service here.

(MapTrack is a TRIBUS capital portfolio company)

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