Email Highlights

  • Our clients can submit their questions and concerns via email to
  • Our Concierge client care team will respond as soon as they get your email in
  • The best option for more involved, though-out inquiries, as you can include screenshots and detailed explanations of problems

For decades, the phone has been the go-to method for customer support and technical difficulties — just about any product you can by will come with a phone number in fine print for you to call with questions, concerns and suggestions. When you even picture a customer support representative, the image that probably conjures in your head is a row of smiling faces, talking into headsets connected to their phones. But, of course, times change with technology. While TRIBUS’ Concierge support team offers a great way to connect with us by phone (312-957-8846), we also understand that the phone is not everyone’s preferred way of connecting with our client care team, so we offer a couple other ways of connecting with us. One of those is our in-app chat feature, where you can click a button and start chatting about your issue with one of our Concierge support experts. The other is, of course, email.

Some clients prefer to just email in their concern or suggestion, so if this is your preferred method of communication, you can submit a ticket to our TRIBUS support staff at In some ways, email may be the most effective way to seek help from us, especially when it comes to more complex questions, as the level of detail you can put into your support ticket when drafting an email can be much higher — and, for extra specificity, you can include screenshots to better explain your experience.

We will typically respond to your request immediately, especially if received during our extended hours of 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.

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