Round Robin with Acceptance Highlights

  • Leads are routed to agents one by one, like Round Robin, but with the caveat that the agent must accept the lead to be assigned it
  • Choose a timeframe in which the lead must be accepted; if not accepted in that time, it moves to the next agent on the list

At TRIBUS, we created our lead routing system, and our entire platform, with not just one real estate brokerage in mind, but all real estate brokerage. It’s why our platform comes with so many chances for customization. So we made our big two lead routing rules, First to Accept and Round Robin, but maybe neither of them quite fits the bill for routing leads for your brokerage. So we also created the Round Robin with Acceptance rule, which contains elements from both of these popular lead routing rules.

All of the basics that are included in the regular Round Robin option are present here. Everything about Round Robin with Acceptance is handled the same as Round Robin, however, importantly, the agent must accept the lead within an available timeframe. If they do not accept within the time period, a notification will be sent to the next agent in line, and then the next, and so on. Of course, you are given the ability to select the timeframe you want to give to your agents before moving on to the next one.

If Round Robin with Acceptance sounds like the best lead routing rule for your brokerage, it’s simple to implement it. When creating or editing a route, before selecting your more involved granular routing, first name your route and, under the “Select a Rule” dropdown menu (pictured below), select Round Robin with Acceptance.

Round robin with acceptance

Round Robing with Acceptance, for many, is the best of both worlds for routing leads. It provides each agent with their chance to take on a lead, while also ensuring that the agent who is assigned the lead actually has the time and resources to work that lead right away when it comes in.

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