Adfenix Integration Highlights

  • Adfenix automatically creates ads on Facebook for all your listings, tailor-made for your brand, attracting customers and driving traffic to your real estate brokerage website
  • Visitors to your website will automatically be retargeted for ads on their social media feeds, promoting your brand and your listings
  • Enables brokers to close more deals with the best social media marketing solution for every home-seller

Today, real estate brokerages heavily depend on many things to succeed — everything from portals to lead selling services. Adfenix assists in countering that balance back to the brokerages themselves.

Adfenix supports real estate agencies worldwide to offer the best marketing solution possible for home-sellers, whilst simultaneously amplifying the brokerages’ own sustainable long-term lead-gen engine. Through the combination of big data and AI, Adfenix automatically creates hyper-targeted full-funnel audiences, uniquely tailored for every property, on both Facebook and Instagram, pulling relevant traffic to your website.

Almost all real estate brokers and agents will have to interact extensively with the big real estate portals, whether they want to or not. Zillow,, Trulia, — all these and more have become massive game changers for real estate, gaining huge traffic every single day from prospective homebuyers and sellers. But, as these giants have grown more and more massive, what have we lost in the real estate business? Some, like Adfenix, would say a human touch has often fallen by the wayside, as brokerages aim to reach everyone through the real estate portals, rather than the right people. Adfenix has created technology to reach these potential customers through intelligent social media marketing campaigns, working wonders for your brand.

Want to get more listings using your current listing inventory? Listen to our podcast with the AdFenix team.

Our integration with Adfenix works in two effective ways: Through our API, Adfenix will automatically trigger targeted Facebook and Instagram ads for all of your listings, custom-made for your brand, driving traffic back to those listings’ pages of your custom real estate brokerage website. Secondly, simply by inserting a small script onto your site, visitors will automatically be added to a retargeting campaign to be served social media ads for your brokerage and its listings. These will bring more eyes to your website, as well as being an incredible branding tool as prospective buyers and sellers browse through their social media feed. Not everyone your brokerage wants to attract visits real estate portals every day — this integration between TRIBUS and Adfenix will put eyes on your brand where people actually live online.

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