Signature Listing Alerts Highlights

  • Leads can save their search parameters for an unlimited number of searches
  • Leads can opt to receive daily email alerts updating them with new listings that meet their searches’ criteria
  • Agents can also save searches for their clients to keep them engaged with listings they may be interested in
  • No alert emails are sent out if there is no activity for that day, and all activity is collected in single emails, so the leads’ email inboxes won’t get flooded

With our saved search alerts feature, leads may save an unlimited number of searches. Searches include a group of criteria that the property must meet in order for a lead to consider it, including price range, school district, property type, year built, etc. Leads may get extremely granular with their searches to ensure that only the best properties are sent to them.

signature listing alerts

Once a search is saved, the lead can decide whether they want to receive daily email alerts whenever something new is listed that meets their criteria (which is recommended and the default option) or they can opt just to save the search and not trigger emails. The daily saved search alert mail consolidates all important activity among a lead’s saved search, so that their inbox is not overwhelmed by too many emails. This keeps them subscribing to the list for much longer. If no new properties matching the lead’s search criteria are listed on a given day, that email will be skipped until it has something to alert them about.

saved search alerts

Agents have the option of signing their clients up for these saved search alerts for them. Agents simply need to log into their real estate brokerage website and save a particular search — our system will prompt them to start entering their client’s name, which the system will helpfully auto-suggest their name. Just hit “confirm,” and that buyer is enrolled to receive saved search alerts and continue engaging with your agents and website.

Note that these saved search alerts vary in significant ways from a couple other, similar features TRIBUS offers. Where saved search alerts are for entire searches, our property alerts are for specific homes the lead has requested notifications for when the property changes price or status. Property suggestion alerts are similarly sent out by regular emails, but are more automatic; any time a qualified lead looks at three or more listings, they are automatically sent these suggestions for similar houses in the same area the lead may be interested in.

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