Granular Routing Highlights

  • Route leads according to rules you set up, making sure they are going to those agents best suited to conversion
  • TRIBUS provides a tracking system to ensure brokers and staff can follow the lead’s activity since being routed, and how the assigned agent has responded

At TRIBUS, we place a lot of importance on establishing intelligent, efficient lead routing rules. After all, lead generation is a great and necessary part of growth for a real estate brokerage, but it doesn’t mean much if the leads have nowhere to go from there. Furthermore, merely sending the lead to be handled by an agent doesn’t do much good if they’re not being sent to the right agent. If the lead is looking for a home in Los Angeles, and they’re sent over to an agent whose expertise is in the real estate market in San Diego, your likelihood of finding the right home for that customer just plummeted. It’s why TRIBUS is here to help with our platform; it’s why we put so much work into our granular routing system.

To help with efficiency within your brokerage, granular routing allows you to route your leads with maximum customization. (It also allows you a tracking system so you can see what your agents are doing with the lead.) You can route leads according to all sorts of criteria.

You can route by the city and state they live in, more specific community within that city, individual neighborhood or subdivision, price range (particularly helpful if you have agents specializing in luxury properties or lower-income housing), school district, even down to particular buildings. You can set up all these rules ahead of time and then practically forget about them — resting easy knowing that the right leads are going to the right agents with the expertise to convert them.

Finally, you can get leads to agents via multiple methods including email and text message.

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