Listing Syndication Highlights

  • Distribute your listings to third-party portals, like Zillow
  • Brokerages have an immense amount of control over how listings are displayed
  • Enhanced listing system allows brokers and agents to add higher-quality photos, virtual tours and more to syndication

It would be great if every lead your brokerage had came directly through their website. Of course, any broker can tell you that’s not the case — increasingly, many are going to come by your listings elsewhere, like those giants in real estate Zillow and Trulia. To help you best capitalize on these huge opportunities for attracting customers, TRIBUS has a full listing syndication system for our broker customers.

Coupling together both your listings that feed to us via our real estate brokerage IDX / VOW connected to your MLSs, and our internal listing system, you can easily syndicate what you want to put out there for third-party portals.

Listing Portal Connector - - listing syndication

We understand that putting your listings on someone else’s website may give some pause; it can feel like you’re giving up control over your brokerage’s bread and butter. Our listing syndication system, then, gives you the chance to still take ownership of your listings, even though they’re appearing somewhere other than your brokerage website. Featuring incredibly granular control over distribution, photos, links, emails, and phone numbers — your listings can be sent out with full confidence that your information, and brand, is accurate and effectively communicated. With this listing syndication, brokers can choose to include ‘Active’ and ‘Pending’ listings, as well as on-MLS and off-MLS properties in a single feed.

While syndicating your listings with these third-party platforms, TRIBUS allows you to put your best foot forward to generate leads. Our enhanced listing system — which grants you and your agents more control over how your listings appear on your website, as opposed to how they appear on your MLS/RETS feed — gives you the ability to send higher-quality photos, virtual tours and more along with your listings. The automatic feed from your MLS may come with strict restrictions around the visual elements surrounding each home, perhaps even adding their own watermark to each photo. This system gives the control back to you and your agents, so that you can rest assured that you’re presenting your brand in the best light no matter where leads find your listings.

This allows for more effective communication amongst the brokers and their agents. Zillow, Trulia, and Nextdoor are just a few portals that accept our TRIBUS feed.

We can also create custom feeds for other portals based upon your needs including sending your listings to international real estate search sites like Mayfair and Juwai.  As with so many other things we do, the beauty of having a custom platform is that, if you’re dreaming up something cool, just ask! We can probably make it happen for you.

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