INRIX Drive Time

INRIX Drive Time Integration Highlights

  • Calculator for commute times is automatically generated on each TRIBUS listing page
  • Clients can easily see their expected drive time and proximity to their workplaces

It can’t be understated how much of finding the right home is about finding the right location. A big part of that “right location” is decided by its proximity to your place of business, or other locations you visit on a consistent basis. But it’s one thing to look on a map and measure in miles how far apart your home and workplace are — the actual commute time between the two can be another thing entirely. To help your leads determine this all-important travel time, TRIBUS is fully integrated with INRIX Drive Time, and connects to our maps and satellite images to offer a convenient way to calculate commute times right from your listings pages.

INRIX Drive Time Calculator

The INRIX Drive Time calculator not only shows what buyers should expect for their commute time; it expands this data out to how that time changes depending on what time in the morning they leave for work, peaking during the area’s rush hour, of course. This predictive and intelligent traffic data is presented in a visual, easily digestible format. The benefits here are clear: For consumers, this cuts out a lot of the guesswork that goes into searching for a new home. Agents, meanwhile, have a new tool in their arsenal for lead engagement, allowing them to send this information out to prospective buyers for every home within their ideal drive time to work or any other important location. This kind of pre-qualification leads to a speedier buying process for all parties.

This calculator is a simple addition to each listing page on your TRIBUS real estate brokerage website, along with other automatic conveniences like our mortgage calculator, a selection of nearby schools and many other features. Aside from the benefits to leads and agents, features like the INRIX Drive Time calculator go a long way toward establishing your brokerage as the authority in all things real estate in your region. Your TRIBUS website is hugely influential in this arena, and we love to make our product even better with fluid integrations such as these.

Learn more about INRIX’s intelligent traffic data analytics here.

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