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One of the most valuable assets to your brokerage is your listings.  Listings generate revenue for real estate brokerages both in commissions and follow on business from signs in yards, and information online.   Your agents need tools to better help them market these listings.  For too long, real estate marketing technology has been stuck in the early 2000s.  Even vendors that tried to make tools for agents still relied on the data from tools like our real estate data warehouse, TRIBUS Source.  More importantly, one of the biggest complaints we received from our clients was that these marketing tech companies delayed delivery of marketing materials too long, charged too much, or their tools simply didn’t work as promised.

Being that we have not only the MLS listing data, but offer our brokerages the ability to enhance those listings with better photos, marketing remarks, branded virtual tours and more, it became obvious that TRIBUS could build listing marketing tools that made things easier for staff members and agents.  So we created the Property Marketing Platform, Automation, and Design Studio.  Our Property Marketing Platform offers three main components:

Deliver: Property Marketing Automation

One of the most requested features of the property marketing platform was the ability for brokerages to either use our design services or provide us custom templates and then when an agent gets a new listing, the materials are sent to them automatically.  Not within 12 or more hours, but within minutes.  When one of your agents adds a new listing either to our in-house listing system or to your MLS, they will receive an email within minutes that includes various marketing materials.

  • 8.5″x11″ (and other sizes) Print and Digital Flyers
  • Luxury, Commercial, and Standard Listing Options
  • Small and Large Postcards – including just listed options
  • Ready To Send Blast Emails (that work with our email marketing platform)
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter sized images and text for sharing
  • And any other sized assets that you’d like to provide

But not only will get these email options for new listings, they will also receive emails with new materials when a listing:

  • Has Price Changes
  • Schedules an Open House
  • Goes Pending
  • Sells

Additionally, because of the custom capabilities of TRIBUS (like our brokerage websites and CRM) we can customize the marketing and delivery of messages entirely for your brokerage.  Of course each of the emails sent to your agents is not only sent from your brokerage but also branded towards it.  Your agents will be constantly reminded of the value that you company provides for them.

Furthermore, because of the deep marketing tracking functions inside the TRIBUS Brokerage CRM, all materials are stored to our Marketing Summary and shown in the client portal.  So not only are you able to remind your agents what you’re doing for them regularly, but your sellers as well!

Design Studio

While the vast majority of your listings and agents will be well served by the automated property marketing system, we know that some agents like to customize the look and feel of their flyers, postcards, emails, and social posts.  So not only do we offer Deliver, our automation tool, but we also built Design Studio.

Think of Design Studio as an agent (and brand) friendly version of robust marketing tools created by Adobe and others.  Design Studio allows your agents to use a drag and drop interface to create:

  • Emails (that work with our drip and blast systems)
  • Brochures
  • Professional Print-Ready Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Social Posts
  • And more

Most importantly, to make the tool easy for agents to use in marketing their listings – with only a few clicks they can import their listing data and photos into a flyer directly from the MLS, listing enhancements, or in-house listing system.  Furthermore, because TRIBUS offers our clients a robust real estate market data set, they can drop in stats including graphs onto the page.

TRIBUS Design Studio
We also know that agents are versatile, so we didn’t constrict our system to marketing a single listing on a page.  Agents can add numerous listings or market stat areas to a single design.

When it’s time to print, our files can be sent either to the office printer, or because of our connections to over 100 other companies using our real estate data API, you can choose to have a custom connection added where we can send the file to the printer of your choice like Xpressdocs, Quantum Digital, or your even your local printer.

And because we know how important brand compliance is, we make sure that agents use the templates you’ve approved.  We even have the ability to customize each template to lock down components that agents can’t change.

Connections: Social Media Posting

Agents love tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  It’s a great way to be social and when used correctly it helps agents connect with their SOI.  If done correctly, it can also be a great place to spread the word about an interesting new listing.

Using Connections, TRIBUS can help agents quickly post their listings to these social sites using correctly sized (and brand complaint) images and content.  No longer when a photo is shared on Instagram will it cut off the most interesting part.  When a photo is shared to Facebook, we can make sure the highest quality image is added along with explanation text and a link back to the agent’s website.  When shared to Twitter it can use the large image size instead of the default small image size photo that are most often shared.

Furthermore, we make it easy for the agent to craft their posts by providing suggested text around the image.  As we get more and more data we can add other features like scheduling, repeat posting, and suggesting when to post for the most effect.

This product will be launched in mid to late 2021 and sold as an add-on.

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