A real estate intranet is your hub for everything relating to you and your brokerage.  It can help to solidify your culture in a seemingly more distributed real estate world.  More importantly, it can help you and your agents be significantly more productive.

It’s there to keep your entire brokerage staff and agents on the same page, so that everyone has access to chat and news,  helpful resources, single sign ons, documents, marketing flyers / shells, upcoming events, pertinent news, vendors — whatever is important to communicate with your agents, the brokerage intranet is the place to put it.

Back in 2015, TRIBUS set out to build a beta Intranet system for trial inside of brokerages.  Over the past few years, we’ve learned much more about what executives, staff, and agents need from an Intranet platform.  What we realized is that it needed to be the nerve center of their business.  A jumping off place to get anything else they need.  So on top of doing lots of user testing, we looked outward as what some of the best sales organizations in the world were adding to their tools.   On top of great search, and at a glance where they could see what they should be working on, there was one major additional feature that was in high demand – chat.  Tools like Slack have helped huge organizations reduce their email volume while increasing engagement with their team.  So we knew we needed to build something just as good but was real estate focused as that to be fully integrated with our platform.

TRIBUS Dashboard Tasks

We have built a customizable real estate intranet platform that can handle just about anything your brokerage throws at it. Unlike non-real estate specific intranet systems (such as Workplace by Facebook, Chatter, or Honey), the TRIBUS Intranet platform has built in tools that your brokerage needs. Keep track of your listings, offer a vendor review platform, have a real estate chat platform with channels for haves / wants, open house requests, and more. At TRIBUS, we make sure the Intranet works best in your company’s workflow.

More importantly, unlike those other non-real estate specific platforms, our system keeps your brokerage in complete control.

There are an endless amount of features you can plug into our Intranet platform

This can include a real estate chat similar to Slack or Google Chat lists of vendors, leads and contacts, company and office calendars, tasks, internal listings, and so much more. It’s all there for you. It is customized for you, by you, so you can have everything you need at your fingertips. We want to make sure that you have a unique experience that fits with you, your needs, your preferences and your company.

TRIBUS Brokerage Chat


Real Estate Chat – the volume of email that can go around offices or entire companies has made many agents stop paying attention.  Our real estate chat and news platform allows your brokerage to control the channels and communication.  You can have channels that all agents are required to subscribe to, setup office / region specific subscriptions, or have ones that are completely voluntary.  Imagine having channels for regions for agents to request other agents to do open houses for them, or swap floor duty time.  Our chat / news system will increase connections amongst your agents and staff while decreasing email. Imagine it as Slack for Real Estate brokerages.

Vendor Review – When our team reviewed internal emails in a brokerage, the number one type outside of transactions was requests for vendor recommendations.  We have built into the Intranet an entire system that lets your agents post vendors along with the categories and areas they work while still giving your company complete moderation and control.  Other agents can then go in and rate those vendors if they also work with them.

Company and Office Calendars – Another big portion of messages that went around offices were announcements about office meetings, trainings, birthdays, and anniversaries.  By building in a calendar system into the real estate intranet platform, these dates and announcements can be viewed anytime by your agents and staff.  You can additionally embed calendars from tools like Google Calendar or Office 365 to make management easy.

Tasks – There are literally 100s of tasks that need to be completed to correctly manage a listing.  From ordering photography to creating flyers, lots of team members or outside vendors need to get involved.  So the task management system, allows your agents and staff to all stay in sync.  Tasks can be assigned to leads / contacts, transactions / listings, marketing materials / orders, or be placed in a general task list.

Internal Listings – Whether your company partakes in coming soon / internal listings or not, you still need to keep track of all active, pending, contingent, and sold listings for your company, region, office, team, or individual agent.  Our listings platform built into the intranet allows for full management of these listings including search, tasks, notes, and more.

There are many options and features available for you so it allows you to prioritize what is important on a daily basis. Additionally, while there are many widget options available that we have already created for you, the system also allows you to enter HTML, so you can customize it with your own widgets, including videos, custom calendars and more. Your options are limitless, which means it’s truly your intranet, the way you want and need it. And because every broker likes to brand their tools differently, you can also customize colors, logos, and layouts to meet your individual needs. After all, it’s your intranet. No two brokerages are alike, so why should your real estate intranet be the same as anyone else’s?

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