Integration Highlights

  • Leads generated through are pushed to your TRIBUS CRM
  • Uses email parsing and/or Zapier to keep all data in one place, eliminating repeat entry

At some point or another, most brokerages are going to come into contact with Besides being a comprehensive database of properties and agents, it can also be an indispensable asset for lead generation. After all, incorporates 99 percent of all MLSs, and includes more than 1.5 million active listings. Clearly, its database and users can’t be ignored, and leads passing through it can’t simply slip through the cracks. IntegrationThankfully, it’s no problem to integrate this invaluable resource with TRIBUS with email parsing. Using this method, all you need to do is forward your leads to a custom email address. From there, determine which information (name, email address, property, etc.) you want to begin automatically sending to your TRIBUS CRM. Setting up such an integration is a snap using a service like Zapier, and moving forward, lead generation and conversion process is far more streamlined — and all located in one central hub.

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