Enhanced Listings Highlights

  • Modify the way your listings are presented on your website
  • Customize home details, photos and more for your listings pages
  • Only affects pages on your website — your RETS feed remains unchanged

While the automatic feed syncing your MLS with your listings pages saves you and your agents countless hours of work, sometimes you may find yourself craving a more branded look and feel for your listings. A few extra photos here, a more expansive home description there, or maybe your MLS always adds its own watermark to all your photos. That’s where our Enhanced Listings can be clutch — to make the way you market your listings on your website your own.

While not every listing detail that comes from your RETS feed is editable to display on your site — who wants the extra burden of constant repeat entry for adjusting minor details? — many significant features are through Enhanced Listings. For instance, a home description that would be too long for its MLS listing can have room to stretch its legs on your site. Photos can be added, deleted and reordered as you see fit, and in-photo captions can be added. All these details and more will remain unchanged on your RETS feed, but the way your website presents these listings has all sorts of new, customizable features.  On top of editing IDX based listings that come through your RETS feed, your agents can also use this quick change feature for Pre-MLS Listings.

Making these sorts of enhancements is simple; just toggle between the page editor and preview of what your Enhanced Listings will look like. The public listing page will have an “edit” option along the left side, as pictured below. Only a listing agent’s listing may be enhanced by the listing agent (and administrators). That is, not just anyone can control the look of every listing on your website — only a few approved users.


TRIBUS platforms are all about customization; it’s your website, and we want you to be able to make it your own as much as possible. So why not extend that flexibility to your listings pages?

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